Exhibit Journal

International Bison Conference

Exhibit Dates: July 4-6, 2017
Location: Big Sky, MT

The challenge at the Big Sky Conference Center was room layout, stage-like, with two long narrow corridors off of a center square. Further adding to the discussion were the two stairways – one on each side of the square, leading down to the main conference and banquet room.

The solution was to divide the exhibit into three bison stories-one on each of the wings and one in the middle.

It worked. Here were 600 bison ranchers, marketers, conservationists and families; Canadian, American and Native. The response to the exhibit was overwhelmingly positive.

At several of the conference events the audience was asked for feedback; positive or negative and for anything that might be missing. Without exception, they each gave a big “thumbs up”; each having a favorite section or story.

This was confirmation that the Bison Exhibit is ready for the rest of the world to see, to learn from and to take into their lives.